Case Studies

High street fashion brand

Reduction in tagged stock theft 66%

Reduction in non-tagged stock theft 27%

River Island is one of the biggest names in British high street fashion. They first installed the Concept Tag in four stores in 2016, including their largest store, Marble Arch Park House on Oxford Street.

The retailer used an incremental rollout of the Concept Tag to confirm its effectiveness in a number of locations in different countries, with the system showing its effectiveness in every one.

Concept Tags were sent to a further ten stores across the UK, as well as two in the Netherlands and Sweden.

“When we agreed to trial the Concept Tag I knew it would help reduce our retail losses from theft. However, I didn’t expect it to be as effective as it’s been so far – or so quickly.”

Helen Tierney, Senior Profit Protection Manager, River Island

During the trial, River Island deployed an RFID solution to all stores, enabling them to track inventory accuracy to 97% and provide a clear picture of their stock losses, as well as see clearly the effectiveness of the Concept Tag.

Over the course of the trial, River Island experienced both a large drop in tagged garment theft – averaging 66% – whilst seeing a reduction in non-tagged item theft as well.

Following these results, the Concept Tag has been rolled out to 200 of River Island’s stores – approximately two thirds of their total estate – with over five million tags now protecting their stock.